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Kids’ Yoga Classes in Melbourne

Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare offers yoga for kids, training in a range of different yoga positions that help build strength and flexibility in a young body. We provide onsite kindergarten classes for kids as well as after school classes near Croydon.

Why Yoga for Kids?

Our kindergarten yoga classes in the eastern suburbs offer many benefits to your child, including:

Helps Children Focus

Yoga involves awareness of mind and body, which can help a child learn how to focus their mind and concentrate more successfully – a benefit that can also spill over into their academic work.

Increasing Strength

Kids’ yoga classes are designed to get children moving their body in ways that help them develop more strength in their muscles, helping them become fitter.

Improving Flexibility

The slow gentle movements of yoga gradually work to improve a child’s flexibility, allowing them to play with less risk of injury.

Calming the Emotions

Yoga helps to calm the emotions by teaching kids awareness of how they feel as well as allowing them to practice transcending fleeting feelings as they work through their movements.

Easing Anxiety

Yoga for kids training can ease the sting of anxiety by allowing children to connect to their bodies, which stops circular anxious thinking from reoccurring.

Teaches Discipline

While yoga is not painful, sometimes it does take discipline to hold poses that stretch the body’s capabilities. Therefore yoga helps teach self-discipline to children which can help to lessen their impulsivity.

What Does My Child Need to Bring?

Just ensure your child has a water bottle and is wearing comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. If there’s anything else you need to bring, we’ll let you know upon booking the class.

Enrol Your Child in Our Kids’ Yoga Classes Today

Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare offers both onsite kindergarten classes for kids as well as after school classes near Croydon. Want your child to reap the benefits of kids’ yoga classes? Give us a call today on 0439 557 501 to learn more or make a booking.

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