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Yoga Classes in Melbourne

If you’re looking for yoga classes in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, look no further than Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare. We take a holistic view of beauty and wellbeing, advocating an inside-out approach to feeling and looking your best. Our yoga studios in Ringwood Melbourne are a big part of that picture, where we provide a place for you to simply be with yourself. There’s no better place than our yoga classes in Ringwood Melbourne for you to ground your body and feel in harmony with your own soul.

What Do I Need for Yoga Classes for Beginners Croydon?

If you’re attending one of our classes in Croydon, all you need to bring is a water bottle, a yoga mat and a patient and open mind. You may wish to also wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in. Yoga is called a practice for good reason – meaning that you get better at it and have a deeper connection to it as you practice it. You may experience any number of emotions during our yoga classes for beginners, from peace, to frustration, to tension in your body. This is all normal and part of the process of getting to know your body. If you have any questions throughout the classes, your experienced teacher is there to answer them. If you have any injuries that you need to be careful of, do let your teacher know, as they may be able to suggest alterations to the basic yoga poses.

What Are Kundalini Yoga Classes Croydon?

Kundalini yoga comes from the theory of Kundalini, which in Vedantic culture is a dormant energy at the bottom of the spine which sits there until it becomes activated and begins to travel upwards through the chakras, in a kind of spiritual awakening. In practice, Kundalini yoga classes in Melbourne may involve chanting, singing, breathing exercises and poses that repeat themselves. If you wish to have an introduction to Kundalini yoga in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, come and visit us at Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare.

Enrol in Our Classes for Kundalini Yoga in Croydon Melbourne

Here at Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare, we truly believe that beauty is never skin deep, but incorporates the whole being. Yoga is one such way to tap into your deeper self. It also has other great benefits such as relaxation and stress relief. If you wish to experience the wondrous benefits of our yoga classes in Croydon Melbourne, call us today to book in on 0439 557 501.

Kids’ Yoga Classes

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