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Body Waxing Services

At Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare, we offer body waxing services that provides effective, temporary removal of unwanted hair from the follicle. With 20 years of experience, we have found waxing to be the most effective hair removal service and with only one side effect – less hair. Our services for body waxing mean that you can get hair removed from most areas. If you’re dreaming of smooth and sleek hair-free skin, book in your body wax in Ringwood at Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare.

What Are Airstrip Waxing?

An airstrip or landing strip is a line of hair left on your lady garden after the rest has been waxed off. If you desire an airstrip, we can accommodate you. Our Beauty Therapists can offer you a a standard bikini wax, a higher bikini shaping or an airstrip. Please advise us at time of booking your appointment so we can allow enough time for the service you require body waxing services.

Does It Hurt?

Initially there can be a bit of a sting like a band aid coming off. However, after a few sessions of our waxing hair removal service, it becomes more comfortable as you see the results of less hair.

Can Men Get Waxing Done Too?

Waxing is mostly done for women. However, our service does extend to men for backs and chest and the occasional cyclist who wants to have their legs waxed too.

Other Wax Services

As well as offering body waxing services, we also offer an ear wax removal service. Ear candling is a long practiced method of removing wax from the ears. An ear wax removal candle gently and painlessly eradicates excess wax from the ear canal.

What Kind of Wax Do You Use?

We use professional quality Hot Wax and Strip Wax in single use only.

How Much Does Waxing Cost?

  • Full leg and bikini – $81
  • Full leg without bikini line – $62
  • Upper leg and bikini line – $52
  • Lower leg – $42
  • Bikini line (standard) – $34
  • Bikini line extra – $49
  • Underarm – $32
  • Full Arm (to shoulder) – $45
  • Half Arm (to elbow) – $34
  • Lip – $24
  • FACE (lip, chin & eyebrow) – $65
  • Eyebrow tidy – $26
  • Eyebrow reshape – $29
  • Eyebrow shaping & tint – $39
  • Jaw starts at – $21
  • Chin starts at – $14
  • Back/Chest starts at – $55

Interested in hair waxing in Ringwood?

If you want silky, smooth, hair-free legs, we can help you at Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare. Our well-trained and experienced beauty therapists are efficient and professional. Quickly and gently removing hair from just about anywhere, excluding genitalia. We cater to both men and women’s waxing needs, so if it’s time to tame your body hair, give us a call on 0439 557 501.

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