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Ombre Powder Brows in Melbourne

Ombre powder brows are achieved through tattooing in a more traditional method, using a machine. A soft powdery finish is the result, which gives a crisp design and darkens with time as the pigment intensifies. There’s superior integrity with this technique, and it’s also much kinder to the skin. Soft ombre powder brows are great for those with faint or non-existent eyebrow definition, uneven shaping, or who just to re define. Powder ombre brow tattoo offers a semi-permanent, long lasting approach to brow enhancement, and it’s available right here at Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare.

How Much Do Ombre Powder Brows Cost?

Soft ombre powder brows cost $999 for a three hour session.

What is a Powder Ombre Brow Tattoo?

Unlike in traditional tattooing, the powder ombre brow tattoo is done on the surface of the epidermis. In this tattoo procedure, hundreds of miniscule dots of ink are inserted into the skin. When complete, the eyebrow tattoo has a powdery finish, with a faded natural looking front and a crisp tail, much like the look of powder make-up – hence the name.

How Long Do Ombre Brows Last?

Ombre powder brows can last between 2 and 3 years, depending on factors such as lifestyle, sun exposure and skin type.

Are Ombre Powder Brows Painful?

As ombre powder brows involve a technique that’s air-brush-like, it inflames the skin less than the microblading technique. This makes it comparatively less painful, and many people have the procedure without the use of numbing cream, although it is always there if you feel more comfortable using it.

How Do I Avoid Ombre Powder Brows Scabbing?

You can’t avoid ombre powder brows scabbing because it is part of the healing process. Your new brows will start to scab after 3 days. Make sure you conduct proper aftercare procedures such as cleaning regularly with cotton pads and sterile water. Don’t pull off your scabs, as this may cause scarring. The best thing to do is leave them alone to heal, which may take 2-3 weeks in total.

Get a Powder Ombre Brow Tattoo Today

Powder ombre brow tattoo is great for giving your eyebrows that extra bit of definition, or offering them a reshape. If you’d like picture perfect brows, book in an ombre powder brows session today by calling 0439 557 501.

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