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Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Ringwood Melbourne

Are you looking for frozen shoulder treatment? Our clinic in Ringwood offers a range of possible treatments for frozen shoulder, including oxygen therapy and massage. Talk to one of our experienced therapists who can recommend the right treatment for you.

What Causes Frozen Shoulder?

A frozen shoulder happens from poor circulation and/or tight muscles that restrict movement around the joint, ultimately causing Immobilization of the shoulder joint. It often causes pain an sometimes even headaches and generally its quite debilitating. Sitting at a desk for long periods time or in a fixed position can contribute to the injury. Some stretches can help with recovery. More often than not, massage will improve circulation and oxygen therapy to reduce inflammation are the best combination. If you’re already experiencing pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint, Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare offers a variety of options for frozen shoulder treatment.

Treatment for Frozen Shoulder Ringwood

Treatment for frozen shoulder works in a number of ways, such as reducing inflammation which also lowers pain levels. It increases blood flow to and around the region of the shoulder, which is another way it may help to reduce pain. Stimulation of the nerves and muscles in the tissues of the shoulder is believed to release endorphins, nature’s pain killer. In all these ways, treatment for frozen shoulder works to regain movement.

Frozen Shoulder Massage Treatment Ringwood

Frozen shoulder massage treatment is a gentle yet firm application of pressure on the points of the body that are linked to contributing to frozen shoulder. It’s mostly relaxing and relieving, at times it can be painful and yet welcoming for the release of aches and pains it provides.

Get Relief from Frozen Shoulder Ringwood

If you’re in pain with a frozen shoulder, contact Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare today. Our therapists offer a range of helpful modalities such as massage and oxygen therapy. Call us now on 0439 557 501 to learn more or make a booking for frozen shoulder treatment Ringwood.

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