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Aromatherapy Massage in Ringwood

At Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare, we offer aromatherapy massage in Ringwood that’s a combination of Swedish body, aromatherapy and lymph stimulation techniques. Our massage can be tailored to the pressure that suits you. Essential oils are used to further individualise and maximise your experience, relieving tension in muscles and promoting relaxation.

Why Do We Use Essential Oils in Massage?

We use these oils as they provide a smooth texture to the surface of the skin for massage to take place. They also have a pleasant scent which is released throughout the aromatherapy relaxation massage. Different oils have different properties (some are relaxing and others are invigorating) so we will discuss your needs at the time of your session.

What is Holistic Aromatherapy Massage?

Holistic aromatherapy massage is based on the premise that the whole person is treated to address the body, mind and soul. The pressure points we use in this kind of massage are based on long known energy centres in the body that can become blocked over time. With massage, we can gently restore the flow of energy in the body without any intrusive techniques or instruments. As another benefit, massage feels great, so you also get endorphins to elevate your mood.

What Does the Aromatherapy Massage Involve?

The aromatherapy massage starts when you arrive for a consultation in our treatment room. Your therapist will determine your needs for the massage. We discuss the pressure you want and any areas of concern you want treated. An individual blend of essential oils will be created for you to give the relaxation and relief you are wanting. Time is allowed for you to undress and be comfortable with appropriate modesty. As the massage begins, your therapist will confirm the pressure is just right to allow your body to rejuvenate. All sense of time is lost as energy centres revive and the body natural flow resumes. As your aromatherapy massage is ending, hot towels are offered to compress any excess oil and you are left to re dress. We take payments after your session by cash or card for your convenience. We can also provide gift cards for someone special in your life who deserves some pampering.

Our Aromatherapy Massage Spa Prices

  • Back, neck & shoulders (30mins) – $59
  • Full Body (60mins) – $106
  • Full Body (75mins) – $115
  • Full Body (90mins) – $135

Can I Get an Aromatherapy Foot Massage?

Yes, you can get an aromatherapy foot massage as part of a full body treatment in 60 min, 75 min or 90 minute sessions.

What Are the Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage?

Our aromatherapy, Swedish body and lymph stimulation Massages offer:

  • Relaxation
  • Release of tension
  • Elevated Mood
  • Detoxifying
  • Food for the soul
  • ‘Me’ time
  • Body Awareness

Book an Aromatherapy Massage in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne Today

If you’re looking for aromatherapy massage in Ringwood, make an appointment today at Pure Intentions Beauty & Skincare. Our aromatherapy, Swedish body and lymph stimulation massages are profoundly relaxing, helping to ease all tension out of your body. Call us today on 0439 557 501 to book.

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