The Age You Look is My Business



TWO weeks on from oxygen facial I have noticed a SUBSTANTIAL difference with “my skin” – SENSATIONAL feeling. The best part, when a friend, I see EACH WEEK, in the fruit and vegie shop, she STOPS ME to comment how CLEAR MY SKIN LOOKS.

Thank you Kerryn, I now have a spring in my step that other people notice what I notice. Your Oxygen facial is so EFFECTIVE !! I will definitely be back for another.


FIRST TIME in TWENTY YEARS redness in my CHEEKS has CALMED down !! FIONA LAWRIE Sept 2012
Thanks for the skincare range Kerryn. For the FIRST TIME in TWENTY YEARS the redness in my cheeks has calmed right down. My COMPLEXION is  MORE EVEN. I am comfortable enough with the way my skin looks to have “make up free days” I have been using PURE  INTENTIONS SKINCARE for about six months and yet noticed the DIFFERENCE within a COUPLE of WEEKS.  What I like is that it’s “ALL NATURAL”. Thanks SO MUCH !! I happily recommend this product range to others.

Sonia’s PRAISE

My CONFIDENCE is SOARING, Kerryn has worked WONDERS on my SKIN and SELF ESTEEM !:Sonia Dovigi Dec 2013

AMAZING PRODUCTS !! Pure Intentions  Skincare made by Kerryn, she has empathy and compassion for her clients. Kerryn has worked wonders on me and my confidence is soaring !! Thank you !! The Oxygen Facials that Kerryn offers have put a shine on my face. Having always suffered with “skin issues” my skin FEELS CLEAN, REJUVENATED and the SCARRING is diminishing. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

PRAISE by Sylvia

EXCITED at prospect of CLEAR, SMOOTH and IMPROVED SKIN  Sylvia Alste Jun 2013

My ACNE was rather INFLAMED and WIDESPREAD (hormonal), with SORE, DRY flaky skin and open ENLARGED PORES. I was very PLEASED to notice a SIGNIFICANT decrease in the SIZE OF THE PORES on my nose and  the REST of the SKIN looked SMOOTH and REFRESHED.  A FEW DAYS later, there is NO SORENESS or tightness AT ALL on my face, and the ACNE is still CONTINUING to IMPROVE.  I’m DELIGHTED with PERFORMANCE of SKINCARE thus far, and can feel my SKIN to be NOTICEABLY  SMOOTHER. I can also detect some oil and moisture on my face that you explained is totally wiped out with some of the strong cleansers on the market. I LOVE THE SMELL of your products, the CLEANSER PARTICULARLY, and they FEEL AMAZING on my skin. 

Praise by Catharine Ross

Results of AMAZING Oxygen FACIAL !! 22nd July 2014

MY skin Looks clearer, MORE even, RADIANT and “I swear” those SPOTS are DISAPPEARING before my eyes. Thank you gorgeous Kerryn for making me feel SO GOOD !!

Carolyns’ PRAISE for Pure Intentions Services

LOVE the SERVICES and PRODUCTS – I always walk out feeling PAMPERED !! Aug 2014 

Kerryn has looked after all my beauty services for the last EIGHT years. At last I have a beauty and skin specialist that does all her work naturally and holistically.

Just turning 60 my girlfriends are always asking what products I use and where I go. AMAZED at how young I look for my age  and its easy to achieve !!