The Age You Look is My Business

The BEST anti aging facial you will ever have !! SMOOTHS out wrinkles, gives a clear and EVEN complexion, breaks down SCAR TISSUE and the list goes on and on . . . . . ..

O2 Salon Oxygen Facials

A results and time orientated facial as it is quick and you see a difference mostly straight away. Using pure oxygen infused with 90% pure hyalaronic acid, fine lines, dehydration and scarring melt away. This facial gives results for all skin types, especially rosacea, couperose scarring, inflammation and dry/dehydrated skin.

  • 30mins $157
  • Course of six sessions $785

Series 10 Oxygen Facials

This series targets chronic skin conditions, where everything else has failed to get results. Skin presents as re-active, hypersensitive, red and/or inflamed to several elements such as food, skin products and treatment. In addition has been subjected to conventional/pharmaceutical creams and tablets. This treatment series is best delivered as twice each (2x) week for 6 then weekly for last four.

  • Total investment $1,250
After oxygen treatment
After oxygen treatment

The secrets to amazing looking skin – “Pure Oxygen” it is a fantastic healer, antibacterial, excellent for REDUCING inflammation and SMOOTHS out wrinkles.

Being antibacterial means PURE Oxygen can NEUTRALIZE acne and the underlying causes of roseacea/couperose AND any infection. Also wonderful for RELIEVING SWELLING in joints and swelling associated with infection related to wounds that are slow in healing.

Conditions commonly treated with hyper baric oxygen:

  • WRINKLES, aged skin, lack of SKIN TONE
  • Long standing scarring including keloid scarring
  • Slow healing wounds
  • Torn muscles or ligaments and swollen joints due to injury or damage
  • Deep seated pimples: white heads black heads and pimples without a head

Adolescent Oxygen Facials Series

Offered to adolescents for addressing acne, inflammation and redness to break up scarring and eliminate black/white heads/pustular deep seated pimples. Ideally done as weekly treatments to maximize results.

  • One $72
  • Course of six sessions $432

The above series doubles as pricing for treating joint and muscular issues. Ideal for frozen shoulder, knee/ACL recovery, Achilles damage and arch/foot spurs even hammer toes.