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Beauty Myths

OILY SKIN needs a CLEANSER that TAKES ALL the OIL OFF the skin. DING DONG !! The problem is when all oil is removed from the skin its sets into motion making more sebum to replace what has been taken away. And this can be a viscous cycle and can cause various other skin conditions. We have to be certain that there is a balance within the skin, the oil is regulated without being stripped.

We must CHANGE our SKINCARE products REGULARLY – MYTH ! Our skins are in a constant state of flux and are most affected as we move from summer to autumn and winter to spring. What can happen if you believe this is you have a bathroom cupboard of products and none of them seem effective. We have to be certain that you have the right moisturizers and oils and then you change them around depending on the season, and keep the same range of products all year round. More cost effective and way smarter J

Its TOO LATE for me MY SKIN is past HELP – Untrue ! Common belief however its never too late if done properly, whether its premature aging, scarring, dried out or badly cared for. Start today and you will be so pleased you did

Moisturizers only SIT on the SURFACE of the skin BING BONG ! Not true. This is research that goes back to the 80’s and is so outdated. Heres where I see women go wrong and get caught on the merry go round of over sharing mulit national companies. Choose a natural beauty specialist who you relate to and find the right mositurizer for you.

FOAMING CLEANSERS are the BEST for OILY or COMBINATION SKIN – BIG no no ! This is where I see a lot of people go wrong and their skin looks irritated and dull because there is a constant stripping cycle happening. So the right cleanser is very important, helps prevent blackheads and regulates oil content.

BOTOX is a GREAT answer to PREMATURE AGING – it’s a TOXIC DISEASE !! The concern here is that it’s a short term solution and pricey $300 – $500 a pop. Unfortunately achieving youthful skin with botox is dangerous, painful and costly. Using a regime with less chemicals and more natural active ingredients like pure oxygen, hyaluronic acid and second generation anti oxidants, offers a long term solution.

DONT use OIL on an OILY SKIN . … . . .BING BONG !! Unfortunately achieving clearer skin is not about stripping the oil off the surface of the skin. When this approach is taken the skin registers that the oil is missing and sets to making more, you get frustrated and disillusioned, not knowing what to do next. So the right approach is vital.

Witch hazel is a GREAT NATURAL TONER for your FACE. . . . ACTUALLY its quite DRYING !! In the eighties we were told to use a toner to remove the last residue of cleanser and help close up the pores or combat oily skin. The problem here is toners from that era were 90% alcohol and it really was the alcohol that made the skin feel squeaky clean, with little benefit to pore size or oiliness. What do you hope your toner does – share it or ask a skincare question .

White spots on the nails are a calcium deficiency. Actually they are an indication that you have bruised your nail or could have a zinc deficiency

BLEACHING creams are EFFECTIVE for CORRECTING PIGMENTATION -Doubtful !! Pigmentation comes from the skin breaking down or harsh products being used topically, bleaching cream will only make it worse over time. We have to be sure that the skin is being supported and protected and then the pigmentation will diminish.

Couperose, ROSECEA and Dermatitis can ONLY be TREATED by DOCTORS or DERMATOLOGISTS All of these skin conditions can be successfully treated with the right combination of cleansing, moisturizing and a facial program.

EXTRACTIONS are the MOST EFFECTIVE way to REMOVE blackheads and whiteheads. The problem here is that EXTRACTIONS often CAUSE scarring, ENLARGE the pores FURTHER and REDUCE skintone. What we want to be sure of is that the cause of black and white heads is addressed with appropriate skincare. And then a facial to minimize pores and allow them to close naturally – VIOLA beautifully clear and even skin !!

HYPO ALLERGENIC means its SAFE for SENSITIVE skin. The problem here is that these multi national companies put this wording on their products and the consumer believes it. Dispelling this myth BIG time, those companies doing this are NOT required to do anything at all to put this labelling on products. The cosmetic/skincare industry isn’t governed or held accountable for that slogan.  We want to  be sure that from reading the ingredients you have an good idea of whats in the product and if you don’t . . . . . . theres your answer don’t buy it. If you want some help disifering the ingredients just PM me and I will happily assist. Do you know what you are putting on your skin . . . I do and I love it J

I’m hearing on the radio a particular skincare company say over and overagain. “hypo allergenic and dermatology tested” The concern here is there are no laws governing this type of slogan and so skincare companies can say this and there is no requirement to prove or back up this statement. You could buy a product with this endorsement and still have an allergic reaction. We want to be sure  that you are getting a product created to care for your skin not make it worse.

My SKIN NEEDS IT – I USE an EXFOLIANT DAILY !! Really . .. .  the concern here is that the skin is being overworked, what can happen is that your skin will become dried out and taut from exfoliant. We want to be sure that your current skincare regime is supporting a healthy radiant glow. If you are experiencing pimples or oiliness or some other issue, there are other alternatives to daily exfoliating. When was your last facial ?? is it time ?

EPILADY’s are JUST as GOOD as WAXING – not true. The problem here is that the epilady will distort the hair follicle because they rip the hair out without supporting the surrounding area. The body’s response is that blood rushes  to area strengthening it(making the hair more coarse) and often damaging  the follicle(distorting it causing ingrown hairs) double whammy ! we want to be sure you are getting the most effective hair removal !!  maybe its time to consider waxing ? What do you do for hairfree legs ??

All lash tints are the same – there is a product called belmacil and this comes from Zurich it has a gel oxidizer and is quite gentle. The worry here is that you can walk in to any hairdresser or nail tech and have a lash tint for $20 and it will last 2 – 3 weeks. Unfortunately this can be false economy and using belmelcil will wear and look better for much longer without the irritation during application.

When YOU buy EXPENSIVE skincare products they are way MORE EFFECTIVE. BING BONG not true ! The problem here is we think “its expensive it must be really really good” and what can happen is a $200 product is often no more effective than a $50 product. We want to be sure you are getting what you are paying for. Start reading your ingredient listing and you will know if you are getting your moneys worth. The key here is if you cant pronounce the ingredient or its not a botanical name then you are paying a lot of money for chemicals water and alcohol !! Buy organic or natural and you will be pleasantly surprised . . . . . . .

SHELLAC Nails versus ACRYLIC Nails: Acrylic is hard, like concrete, shatters like concrete, doesn’t allow air flow, can support fungal infections, dramatically reduces quality of nails, lasts up to 4 weeks. Shellac is PLIABLE, always GLOSSY, BREATHES, you can change colours every visit, next to NO filing, keeps nails in good condition, shud always be applied and removed by a qualified beauty person to keep nails in great condition. You choose what sounds better. . . . . .

IPL and LASER are GREAT for HAIR REMOVAL and SKIN REJUVENATION – think about this and you decide . . . . . . .  The anti cancer council tells us to stay out of the sun because it causes cancer. Laser and IPL are much stronger than the sun because they are put right up to the skin and then must reach at least 2 – 3cm deep to reach the root or follicle to stop hair growing. The problem here is that we do not know the long term side effects of laser and IPL because it has only been around about 10 years. Hypa hydrosis or excessive sweating is one side effect,that is starting to show up ? We want to be safe and know what, if there are any side effects  when having hair removal or anti aging treatments done. What is your experience share with us today

DID you KNOW that shaving STIMULATES HAIR growth, SENSITIZES and IRRITATES the skin. The concern here is shaving increases the size and strength of the hair in the follicle so it will become darker and more coarse the more you shave. This is why the first waxing appointment once you give up shaving is always the most painful.  We want to be sure that when doing the hair free thing you are stunting hair growth not increasing it. From my experience waxing is the most effective at stunting growth and leaving the skin in the best condition. When you visit a natural beauty specialist we use products to support the skin, reduce trauma and bring it back to normal as quickly as possible.

What is an EASY skincare ROUTINE: I hear lots of people talk about what they put on their skin DAILY. Unfortunately WOMEN feel that they have to use LOTS of products to PREVENT aging. As a beauty specialist I have been there and I say NOT necessary. A simple SOPHISTICATED rountine with THREE mainstay products and for me that works a treat !! Here’s what I can see that happens women have so much on offer to put on their skin and we get CONFUSED about what to use so we load up on anti aging things spending BIG $$$$ and this creates a viscious cycle of FEAR. Get off the MERRY-GO-ROUND and be absolutely delighted with how your skin looks – call today and lets get you on the ROAD to the best skin you have EVER had FOREVER !!

Why is the natural protective layer of your skin so important ? This is like the army in a battle, it protects when enemy forces try to invade i.e bacteria or toxins or things that we don’t want to penetrate the skin. That red or inflamed look is the skin fighting to maintain normality or balance. What can happen is we use a product that contains a toxin which our skin tries to absorb and the response is that red, itchy look and feel. We want to be sure that what is in your products are all agreeable to glowing beautiful skin. Are yours ?

Aromatherapy massage is just as effective as remedial massage, it works from a different perspective. Using the lymph system and essential oils to help detoxify, release toxins and relax the body. And its much more enjoyable !!

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